At the Leaders for IMPACT Network we’re on a mission to change the world, one leader at a time

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For leaders who realise that business as usual will no longer cut it

We are Leaders for IMPACT, dedicated to driving business success, social impact, and sustainability through our peer-to-peer leadership networks. We inspire leaders to step up – for their organisation, their people, and our planet.

Strategic Support

Develop enhanced leadership capability, problem solving skills and strategic thinking for your organisation.

Uplifted Innovation

Opportunities to test your ideas and innovate in a safe space with customised support and insights.

Connection & Collaboration

A deep connection to a network of leaders in your region to reduce isolation and foster collaboration.

Bold Leadership For a Sustainable Future

At Leaders for IMPACT, we believe in challenging the status quo. Our world is rapidly changing, and we need leaders who are ready to steer the ship towards a sustainable, inclusive future. We provide a platform for those leaders – a place to grow, collaborate, and drive meaningful change.

Tailored Peer-to-Peer Networks to Support Your Leadership Journey and Drive Business Success

Our Leadership Networks are divided into three distinct groups, catering to your specific leadership position and aspirations:

CEOs and Business Owners:

Drive your organisation forward with the guidance of peers who understand the the unique challenges of running a business. Exchange insights, learn from experiences, and collaborate to pioneer better business practices.

Sustainability Leaders:

Become part of a forward-thinking community focused on driving social impact and sustainability. Discuss strategies, navigate challenges, and celebrate success stories as we work together to shape a sustainable future.

Emerging Leaders and Team Leaders:

Join a community of upcoming and current team leaders dedicated to personal growth and leadership development. Build your skills, confidence, and network to become a leader for IMPACT.

Unleash Your Leadership Potential With Our Expert One-to-One Coaching Programs

Navigating the path of leadership can be challenging, but you don’t have to do it alone. Our specialised Coaching Programs are designed to support and empower leaders at all levels, guiding you to uncover your unique leadership strengths, align your actions with your values, and drive meaningful change in your organisation and beyond.

Whether you’re a CEO looking to inspire your team, a team leader striving to foster a culture of collaboration, or an emerging leader ready to make your mark, we have the resources, expertise, and commitment to help you succeed.

Unleash your full leadership potential with Leaders for IMPACT Coaching Program – because great leaders aren’t born, they’re made.

For Purpose Driven Leaders From the Private, Commercial and Non-Profit Sectors

With Leaders for IMPACT, you’ll become part of a collaborative community that understands the transformative power of collective wisdom. Our tailored networks empower you to transform your leadership journey and accelerate your impact on your organisation and the wider world.


of members say they have greater resilience as a leader


of members feel more equipped to make better decisions


of members say their leadership confidence has increased


of members feel that their wellbeing is supported

Build a Better World

Step Up For Your Organisation, Your People, And The Planet

We invite you to join the growing number of business leaders aligning their strategies to social outcomes. By using a dedicated and successful framework, you can grow your business performance while making a real difference.

Ready to be a part of this thriving community of change-makers? Get in touch with us today!