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Our focus is on those who are on the brink of leadership greatness, who face unique challenges that only emerging and team leaders can understand. Let the Leaders for IMPACT Network be your stepping stone to leadership success. We are here for the aspiring leaders, team builders, and the visionaries who understand that leadership development is a continuous journey.

Our upcoming Peer-to-Peer Leadership Network for Emerging and Team Leaders is designed to guide you through the dynamic challenges of stepping into leadership roles, enhancing the effectiveness and productivity of your teams.

Leaders for IMPACT Leadership Networks

We connect with emerging leaders and team leaders directly in their professional environments, fostering the development of crucial leadership skills and nurturing the collaborative spirit essential for success and sustainability. We understand the power of connectivity, both within your teams and beyond.

From your initial interaction with the Leaders for IMPACT Network, we strive to create a space where you feel welcome, encouraged, and appreciated. We’re here to foster your potential and grow your leadership capabilities.


of members say they have greater resilience as a leader


of members feel more equipped to make better decisions


of members say their leadership confidence has increased


of members feel that their wellbeing is supported

Your Leadership Hub – COMING SOON!

At the core of Leaders for IMPACT Network is our Peer-to-Peer Leadership Hubs. These hubs, soon to come for Emerging and Team Leaders, bring together 12 future leaders from different non-competitive organisations, creating an environment where innovative ideas are nurtured, and emerging leaders feel supported to succeed.

In this safe, confidential environment, you’ll be free to share, network, and collaborate. Each hub will be guided by an experienced Chair, ensuring constructive discussions, diverse insights, and mutual accountability.

Membership Benefits:


Your Leadership Hub comprises 12 like-minded individuals, creating a network for strategic collaboration, innovative solutions, and informed advice. These regular, confidential meetings foster open dialogue, strategic debates, and the development of growth strategies.


We endorse the ethos of lifelong learning. With our network, you’ll cultivate your budding leadership skills, comprehend your unique leadership style, and learn how to adjust your approach for improved influence.


In your Leadership Hub, you’ll receive confidential advice and support on real challenges and opportunities facing your team or department. You’ll connect with leaders who understand your challenges and offer valuable insights, making your leadership journey less solitary and more productive.


Leaders For IMPACT is not just about surviving – it’s about thriving. We provide a safe space for you to test your ideas, innovate, and understand your leadership strengths better. We help you clarify your leadership goals and vision, empowering you to drive your team forward with confidence.


We understand the mental strain leadership can have, so our network prioritises your wellbeing and leadership confidence. We offer resources and strategies to ensure you’re taking care of yourself as you grow and thrive in your leadership role.


Keeping up-to-date with leadership trends is crucial. That’s why we provide access to the latest leadership articles and online workshops. With these resources, you’ll stay informed and ready to face the ever-evolving business landscape.

“After a period of steady growth, coupled with the challenges of Covid, I was feeling the pressure, joining the Leaders for Impact network was a welcome opportunity to get some help and advice on how to do things better and look after our team as it expands. I have seen a definite benefit, both in terms of practical help and the comradeship of working within a group of business owners facing the same kinds of challenges”

“Being a hub member provides me with; support – leadership can be lonely, in this group you are not alone, a network – ideas, partnerships, opportunities, all sorts of benefits and accountability – my hub keeps me honest, to (re) focus on strategy and what’s most important.”

“There is so much knowledge and experience around the table that any opportunity or challenge can be raised and solutions flow.”

The Diagnostic Tool – Strengths Profile

Our chosen diagnostic tool, the Strengths Profile, is an evidence-based tool developed over 16 years. With 60 strengths, this tool ensures authentic results that reflect who you are. Beyond strengths, you’ll uncover your realised strengths, unrealised strengths, learned behaviours, and weaknesses.

For further information visit: www.strengthsprofile.com

The IMPACT Scorecard

As a member, you’ll have access to the Leaders For IMPACT Scorecard, an online tool that helps you manage your strategic goals and performance. This exclusive tool tracks progress against annual and 90-day goals, aligns these goals to the pillars of Performance, People, and Planet, and celebrates achievement.

Be part of the next generation of innovative, collaborative, and forward-thinking leaders who are shaping a sustainable future.

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 Our network welcomes Emerging and Team Leaders from all sectors. If you’re on the path to leadership or already guiding a team, and are passionate about collective success and positive impact, Leaders for IMPACT Network is for you.


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