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Assessing, building and improving your Board – a best practice framework for great governance

Board Evaluation Framework

Leading an organisation is a significant responsibility, and the success of your mission depends on the strength and effectiveness of your board. At Leaders for IMPACT, we specialise in equipping boards with the skills, knowledge, and strategies they need to deliver exceptional governance and drive their organisation forward.

Board Evaluation and Renewal

Our Board Evaluation Framework is a systematic process designed to assess, build, and enhance the effectiveness of your Board’s operations and governance practices. It is a comprehensive tool that takes into account your organisation’s strategy, vision, and values, and evaluates them against the existing skillsets and competencies within your Board. 

Assessing your Board’s performance should be a regular part of your strategy and, as best practice, should be done annually. This will ensure the Board is fit for purpose, aligned to changing market forces and supports future strategy.

Whatever the motivation, this process should be managed strategically to establish the very best chance of success.

    The Leaders for IMPACT Approach For Success

    Step 1: Strategy, Vision, and Values Review: We collaborate with your team to deeply understand your organisation’s strategy, vision, and values. This process considers current and future opportunities and challenges, helping us to pinpoint the necessary skills, competencies, and expertise your board needs to excel.

    Step 2: Skillset Identification: Leveraging our extensive expertise, we work closely with you to identify the specific skills that your board requires to effectively drive your future strategy. We also consider aspects like board diversity and stakeholder representation, ensuring your board’s composition aligns with your broader strategic objectives.

    Step 3: Comprehensive Board Evaluation and Roadmap Development: We utilise the Leaders for IMPACT Board Assess© survey, designed and refined through our years of experience, to conduct a thorough board assessment. The data from the survey is analysed, and a comprehensive Board Evaluation Report is produced, which includes a strategic roadmap. This roadmap identifies any critical missing skills and suggests practical improvements to board operations and governance practices.

    Our Board Evaluation and Renewal process provides a strategic, data-driven assessment of your board, culminating in a clear and actionable plan for ongoing success.

    Why Choose Our Board Services?

    Experienced Advisors

    Our team of seasoned consultants bring a wealth of experience to the table, offering evidence-based guidance throughout your board’s development journey.

    Tailored Approach

    We recognise the unique needs and circumstances of each board. Our services are customised to meet your specific objectives and challenges.

    Strategic Focus

    With an eye on the future, we help your board align its skills and expertise with your organisation’s strategic vision, facilitating impactful governance.

    In a survey conducted by the Australian Institute of Company Directors, over 90% of directors agreed that board performance evaluations are important for effective governance. The survey also found that organisations which regularly conduct board evaluations are more likely to report positive board performance.

    Invest in Your Board

    High-performing boards don’t just happen; they are created through strategic decision-making, targeted professional development, and a commitment to continuous improvement. Invest in your board and empower them with the tools and knowledge to lead with confidence.

    Let’s Begin the Journey.

    Enhance your board’s capabilities and set the stage for your organisation’s success.

    Optional: Strengths Assessment Workshop

    For an even more in-depth analysis and understanding of your board dynamics, consider adding our optional Strengths Assessment Workshop to your Board Evaluation and Renewal process.

    This workshop delves into the unique strengths of each of your board members and provides insights into the team’s collective strengths. Utilising the CAPP Strengths Model, this process not only helps foster a diversity of views and problem-solving approaches, but also empowers your board members by highlighting their inherent strengths and how these can be maximised for the board’s effectiveness. This is a potent tool for understanding and enhancing board dynamics and decision-making capabilities.