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Your team is the heart of your organisation. Its effectiveness, productivity, and cohesiveness have a direct impact on the success of your business. At Leaders for IMPACT, we understand the power of well-functioning teams and offer a range of services designed to enhance team dynamics, collaboration, and performance.

Our approach is grounded in positive psychology and evidence-based practices, tailored to meet the unique needs of your team.

Team Days

Our Team Days are tailored events designed to strengthen relationships and align goals, enhancing your team’s collaboration, communication and cohesion.

Team Strengths Program

This program uses the CAPP Strengths Model to help your team identify and utilise their collective strengths, improving team effectiveness and communication.

Strengths Workshop

In this introductory workshop, your team will discover the power of strengths-based practice, learning to harness their individual and collective strengths to boost performance and job satisfaction.

Team Days

Team Days are fully customised, immersive experiences that serve as a powerful catalyst for team building and performance enhancement. Each Team Day is meticulously planned and executed to meet your team’s specific needs, focusing on fostering stronger relationships, aligning team goals, and boosting overall team morale and productivity.


What our Team Days offer:
  • Facilitated Team Activities: Engage in team building exercises that promote teamwork, improve communication, and encourage creative problem solving.
  • Alignment of Team Goals: Work together to clarify team goals and align them with your organisational objectives.
  • Enhanced Team Bonding: Experience a fun, interactive environment that helps to strengthen relationships and boost team morale.

Team Strengths Program

Our Team Strengths Program uses the scientifically-proven CAPP Strengths Model to unlock your team’s potential. In this program, your team will learn to identify and optimise their collective strengths, leading to improved collaboration, efficiency, and team satisfaction.


What our Team Strengths Program offers:
  • Strengths Identification: Understand and identify the unique strengths of each team member.
  • Strengths Application: Learn practical ways to apply these strengths within your team to enhance performance.
  • Enhanced Team Communication: Use strengths-based language and understanding to improve team interactions and mutual understanding.

Strengths Workshop

Our Introduction to Strengths Workshop serves as a primer to the power of strengths-based practice. In this workshop, your team will gain a foundational understanding of their individual and collective strengths, and how these can be harnessed to boost performance, increase job satisfaction, and promote a positive work environment.


What our Introduction to Strengths Workshop offers:
  • Introduction to Strengths-Based Practice: Gain a foundational understanding of the benefits of utilising individual and collective strengths.
  • Initial Strengths Discovery: Identify individual strengths and learn how they can contribute to team effectiveness.
  • Practical Application: Learn strategies for incorporating strengths-based practice in day-to-day operations and interactions.

Why Choose Our Team Services?

Tailored Team Approach:

Recognising the unique dynamics of each team, we design our services to address your specific needs, harnessing the power of diversity and synergy in your team.

Expert Facilitation:

Our seasoned facilitators bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in team dynamics, ensuring your team benefits from impactful, engaging, and insightful sessions.

Sustained Team Growth

We view team development as an ongoing journey, not a one-off event. We provide continuous support and follow-up sessions to ensure sustained growth, learning, and improvement.

Benefits For Your Business


greater chance of employees being more engaged at work


more likely to earn high customer satisfaction scores


more likely to work in high- productivity teams


more likely to have lower employee turnover

Invest in Your Teams

Take the leap towards a more collaborative, resilient, and high-performing team with our targeted team development programs.

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