Thank you for your interest in the Leaders for IMPACT Network.

We are so excited that you have reached out to learn more.

At the heart of Leaders for IMPACT is our Peer-to-Peer Leadership Hubs for CEOs and business owners from across different sectors.

These hubs bring together 12 leaders—business owners and CEOs—from different non-competitive organisations, because we believe when forward-thinkers come together, that’s where the best ideas are hatched and where leaders feel most supported to succeed.

In this safe, confidential space, you can share, connect, and collaborate. Each Hub is professionally facilitated by an experienced Chair to ensure effective conversations, diverse thinking, and accountability.

You will shortly receive a phone call from one of our senior team members who will answer any questions you have and book you in for a FREE discovery session with one of our Hubs.

Kind regards,

Kelly Beaumont

Founder – The Leaders for IMPACT Network