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Embark on a journey of innovation, collaboration, and leadership with Leaders for IMPACT events. Whether you’re an industry disruptor or a rising leader, discover the experiences that await, and let’s shape the future of leadership together. Welcome to your nexus of inspiration and impact.

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FREE Discovery Session for CEOs, Business Owners and C-Suite Leaders

Dive into a transformative leadership experience at our FREE discovery session. Witness firsthand the Leaders for IMPACT Network’s unique approach to peer-to-peer leadership, where disruptive thinkers and visionaries come together, challenging the norm and driving sustainable growth.

Our Leadership Hubs are monthly assemblies of diverse leaders, discussing strategies and challenges, facilitated by those who deeply understand the local business scene. In this session, get a taste of the hub dynamics with one of our Sydney Leadership Chairs along with insights from Senior Consultant Louise McKeon and our Founder, Kelly Beaumont.

Collaborate, innovate, and shape the future in a secure, confidential environment.

FREE Event


FREE Discovery Session with the Sustainability Leaders Network – Greater Sydney

Designed exclusively for leaders directing their organisation’s sustainability agenda, this FREE discovery session offers an intimate glimpse into our peer-to-peer Leadership Hub tailored just for sustainability trailblazers.

Join us, and experience:

  • The collective influence of our dedicated sustainability leadership network.
  • Real-time discussions on pressing opportunities and challenges.
  • A supportive, confidential space where ideas are exchanged and solutions crafted.

Our mission? Empower change-makers to redefine business norms. Because the old ways won’t build the new world. A sustainable future benefits all — it’s great for businesses and essential for our planet.

Facilitated by Henrietta Ardlie, Chair of the Sustainability Leaders Network and Senior Associate at Leaders for IMPACT. Join us in leading the change.

FREE Event



Illawarra Region: FREE Discovery Experience with the Leaders for IMPACT Network

Join us to learn more about this exciting peer to peer leadership network operating in the Illawarra region.

We help businesses adapt to the unique challenges of today and be more successful and sustainable. 

We are a network of high-performing professionals who don’t think like everybody else. We attract disruptors and forward-thinkers who are leaders in their field who recognise that business as usual will no longer cut it.

Come along and find out more – share experiences with like-minded leaders – discuss opportunities in the region – foster innovation – stimulate thinking.

The Leaders for IMPACT network is already successfully helping other leaders across NSW and now it’s your chance to find out more!

This event is exclusively for CEOs, Business Owners and Senior Leaders in the for purpose, for profit and non-profit sectors. 


9:00am - 1:00pm AEDT

BlueScope Steel Visitors Centre North Gate Entrance, Springhill Rd, Coniston NSW 2500, Australia

FREE Event



Greater Sydney: FREE Introductory Experience With The Leaders for IMPACT Network

JOIN us for your FREE introductory session to the Leaders for IMPACT Network.  

You will get to experience a Leadership Hub in action, with leaders from a variety of sectors. Come and see how finding a tribe of like-minded leaders can support you.

The Leaders for IMPACT Network exists to help people and businesses live up to their potential. We’re not afraid to challenge the status quo. Our unique peer-to-peer leadership program gives businesses the tools to shift from survival to sustainability.

Our peer-to-peer Hubs bring together 12-14 like-minded leaders each month to discuss strategy, opportunities and challenges. Each Leadership Hub has a diverse group of members from a range of businesses and organisations, providing a collective “brains trust” for confidential advice and support. The Hubs are Chaired by local business leaders who understand the local business environment and what it takes to succeed. 

Join this FREE session which will be professionally facilitated by Leadership Chair John Mooney and will give you a taste of how a peer to peer network can support you as a leader and your business/ organisation to thrive in today’s market.

This opportunity is open to Business Owners, CEOs and leaders from the for-profit, for-purpose and non-profit sectors.


1:00pm - 5:00pm AEDT

Workspace Wynyard 365 level 11/66 Clarence St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

FREE Event



Sydney: Sustainability Leaders Network – FREE Session


Your Invitation (not transferable) 

Exclusively for Sustainability LEADERS overseeing their organisation’s sustainability agenda. At this stage, we are unable to invite consultants to join this network. 

Join us for a FREE discovery experience of our peer-to-peer Leadership Hub exclusively for sustainability leaders. 

As our guest, you will experience first-hand the benefits of a peer-to-peer network exclusively for sustainability leaders and professionals.

In this session you will:

  • Meet the members of the Sustainability Leaders Network.
  • Experience the collective impact of a peer-to-peer Leadership Hub and how this can support you achieve your goals.
  • Explore real time opportunities and challenges.
  • Share and support each other in a confidential and safe environment. 

We are on a mission to change the world, one leader at a time. We are here for the disruptors and forward-thinking sustainability leaders – who realise that business as usual will no longer cut it.

Good for business. Good for the planet.

Delivered to you by Henrietta Ardlie, Chair, Sustainability Leaders Network and Senior Associate, Leaders for IMPACT


8:30am - 4:00pm AEDT

Exact venue details will be shared with you once your expression of interest is accepted Sydney NSW, Australia

FREE Event



SPECIAL EVENT – “Brilliance Beyond Burnout” with Trudy McDonald


“Brilliance Beyond Burnout: Team Revitalisation through Strategic Focus and Accountability”

In this high impact presentation award winning speaker and leadership expert Trudy MacDonald will share how leaders can transform their teams from burnout to brilliance in today’s workplace and offer actionable strategies to reignite team engagement and performance in the current work environment.

Key areas of focus include:

1. Managing the burnout epidemic

2. Using strategy as an engagement tool

3. Balancing trust, empathy and transparency to drive accountability

4. Tackling entitlement to encourage a growth mindset and resilience

This session will equip leaders with the practical conversations and tools they need to refocus and reengage their teams foster a culture where individuals thrive productivity soars and the business flourishes.

  • Keynote: 4-5.30pm
  • Networking drinks 5.30 – 7.00pm (canapes and cash bar)

Kelly Beaumont

Founder – The Leaders for IMPACT Network


4:00pm - 7:00pm AEDT

Kirribilli Club - Sydney's Best Waterfront Bar & Restaurant 11 Harbourview Cres, Lavender Bay NSW 2060, Australia

FREE Event